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When Britishers invaded India, they were astonished for two things; one is our Gurukul Education & the other one is our traditional method of Farming / Agriculture. We worship Cow next to our Mother & Motherland.

Robert Clive, then the Indian British Governor did a detail research on our traditional Farming method. He planned to alter the traditional method of our Farming to favour Britishers & depend on them. In India Farm Animals particularly cattle are the backbone for Agriculture. We used Bharathiya cow’s dung as an excellent Fertilizer/ Manure & cow’s urine as a premium pesticide. Robert Clive thought, if cows are eliminated then Indian Traditional Farming method will be destroyed; if Bharathiya cows are slaughtered then Indian Farming will head to the path of devastation & thereby Indians are forced to depend on Britishers for Chemical Manure & Pesticides. Foreign Chemical Fertilizers, Manure & pesticides has made a way into India in this planned manner by Britishers.

By using Bharathiya cow’s dung & urine, we produced 54 quintal of rice per acre. Being informed, Robert Clive started Slaughter House in India to eliminate Bharathiya cows. Within a year, he killed 1 crore Bharathiya cows at the rate of 30000 per day. Before he left India, he added the number of Slaughter house in India (later in his old age he committed suicide due to depression and opium addiction, probably due to sins accrued by killing cows). In this way lakhs of Bharathiya cows are butchered in the way of meat for food. In good old days, cattle / Farm animal population was more than human population thereby producing healthy food grains. In 1910, there were 350 slaughter house working day & night. As Bharathiya cows’ population reduced gradually we started approaching them for Manures, Fertilizers & Pesticides. Thus the entry of Urea & Phosphate fertilizers entered India. Due to this our people suffer innumerable diseases and spend lot of money on allopathic medicines.

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