Everything you need to know about Panchagavya.
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1. What is Panchagavya?

A natural product promotes growth and offers immunity to plants. Panchagavya consists of 9 Materials.

2. Is Panchagavya 100% Organic?

The short answer is yes. Because no chemical that’s required to manufacture the product. The 9 Ingredients of Panchagavya are easily available in nature. Furthermore, these components are inexpensive. As a result, no chemicals or replacements are required.

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Genetically Modified Organisms:- GMO

3. What are the Chemical and organic residences?

Chemical composition Microbial Load
pH : 5.45
EC dSm2 : 10.22
Total N (ppm) : 229
Total P (ppm) : 209
Total K (ppm) : 232
Sodium : 90
Calcium : 25
IAA (ppm) : 8.5
GA (ppm)             : 3.5
Fungi : 38800/ml
Bacteria : 1880000/ml
Lactobacillus : 2260000/ml
Total anaerobes : 10000/ml
Acid formers : 360/ml
Methanogen     : 250/ml

physicochemical houses of panchagavya revealed that they own almost all the essential nutrients, micronutrients, and increased hormones (IAA & ga) required for crop boom.

Summary of the above Table.

The preponderance of fermentative microorganisms such as yeast and lactobacillus is due to a combination of low ph, milk products, and the use of jaggery/sugarcane juice as a substrate for their growth.

The low ph of the medium results from the production of organic acids by fermentative microorganisms, as indicated by population dynamics and organic detection in GC analysis.

Lactobacillus generates a variety of beneficial metabolites, as well as natural acids, hydrogen peroxide, and antibiotics, which can be helpful against a variety of pathogenic microbes. The GC-ms analysis revealed the presence of fatty acids, alkanes, alcohol, and alcohols.

Fatty acids Alkanes Alconol and Alcohols
Oleic acids Decane Heptanol
Palmitic acid Octane Tetracosanol
Myristic Heptane Hexadecanol
Deconore Hexadecane Octadeconol
Deconomic Oridecane Methanol
Octanoic     Propanol
Hexanoic     Butanol
Octadecanoic     Ethanol

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Panchagavya Organic Fertilizer

3. Useful results on industrial vegetation?

Testimonial of users.


Panchagavya, Pasuthai Bangalore
Mango Tree

  • induces dense flowering with greater lady vegetation.
  • irregular or change-bearing dependency isn’t experienced and continues to fruit regularly.
  • complements preserving best with the aid of 12 days at room temperature.
  • flavor and aroma are first-rate acid lime
  • non-stop flowering is ensured round the year
  • fruits are plumpy with a strong aroma
  • shelf lifestyles are prolonged via 10 days


Guava, Panchagavya, Pasuthai Bangalore
Guava Fruits
  • higher tss
  • shelf lifestyles are extended via five days


Panchagavya, Pasuthai Bangalore
  • In addition to supplying irrigation water and spraying, 3% solution (100 ml) was tied up on the naval stop of the bunch after the male bud was removed. Harvest was first observed one month ago. The bunch length will become uniform. The dimensions of the pinnacle and backside arms turned uniformly massive.


Panchagavya, Pasuthai Bangalore
  • complements the yield by utilizing 22%
  • greater lengthy hands
  • make certain low drainage loss
  • narrows the ratio of mom and finger rhizomes
  • enables survival of dragonflies, spiders, etc which in turn lessen pest and ailment load
  • bought for a premium fee as mom/seed rhizome
  • enriches the curcumin content  


Panchagavya, Pasuthai Bangalore
  • great aroma and fragrance
  • no prevalence of bud malicious program
  • continuous flowering in the course of the 12 months of vegetables
  • yield enhancement with the aid of 18% and in a few instances like cucumber, the yield is doubled
  • healthy veggies with vibrant and attractive pores and skin
  • extended shelf existence
  • very tasty with robust flavor

4. How to use?

typically panchagavya is recommended for all the vegetation as a foliar spray at the 30 % stage.

5. Endorsed dosage

Three (3) liter panchagavya in a hundred liters of water.

6. spray device

When compared to the greater and lower concentrations investigated, the 3% solution was shown to be the best. All vegetation needs three liters of panchagavya for every hundred liters of water.

Energy sprayers with a capacity of 10 litres may also require 300 ml/tank. Sediments must be filtered when using an energy sprayer, and when using hand-operated sprayers, a nozzle with a longer pore length must be used. Machine for gliding

the answer of panchagavya can be blended with irrigation water at 50 liters in keeping with hectare both through drip irrigation or drift irrigation.

seed/seedling remedy

A 3% solution of panchagavya can be used to soak seeds or dip seedlings before planting. Soaking for 20 minutes is adequate.

Turmeric, and ginger, and sugarcane rhizomes can be soaked for 30 minutes before planting. Storage of seeds. Before drying and storing the seeds, 3% Panchagavya solution can be used to dip them. Periodicity.

7. What are the effects?

Flora sprayed with panchagavya perpetually produce bigger leaves and expand denser cover. The photosynthetic device is activated for stronger organic efficiency, permitting the synthesis of maximum metabolites and photosynthates. Stem

the trunk produces aspect shoots, which might be sturdy and able to wear most fruits to maturity. Branching is relatively high. Roots

The rooting is profuse and dense. Similarly, they remain clean over time. It has also been noted that the roots expand and grow into deeper levels. All such roots help maximum intake of vitamins and water.

there could be yield melancholy beneath everyday circumstances, whilst the land is transformed to organic farming from inorganic structures of the way of life.

But the primary purpose of Panchagavya is its ability to restore the yield level of all plants when the land is transformed from an inorganic cultural device to an organic way of life beginning with the first real year.

In all plants, the harvest is advanced by 15 days. So It not only extends the shelf life of greens, fruits, and cereals, but also enhances their flavor. By decreasing or replacing high-priced chemical inputs, panchagavya ensures better earnings and liberates natural farmers from loans. Drought hardiness

Panchagavya, Pasuthai Bangalore
Panchagavya, Pasuthai Bangalore

The skinny oily movie is formed on the leaves and stems, for that reason decreasing the evaporation of water. So The deep and large roots advanced by way of the vegetation allow them to withstand long dry periods. As a result, the aforementioned qualities lead to a 30% decrease in irrigation water requirements and drought resilience.

8. Why Pasuthai Panchagavya?

Pasuthai Bangalore is the first ISO 9001: 2015 certified Goshala in India. And we are also NPOP-certified organic. Therefore, you can be confident that our products are completely natural and organic, with no trace of chemical contamination.

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