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https://www.quora.com/Which-soil-is-considered-the-best-for-plant-growthPasuthai: Nurturing Indian Agricultural Heritage with Organic Solutions


The history of Indian farming narrates a saga of wisdom and reverence for tradition. The practices Passed down through generations captivated even the British during their colonial rule. The Gurukul education system and reverence for cows were particularly intriguing. 

British Colonial Influence:

 Robert Clive acknowledged the importance of cows in Indian agriculture. Studying traditional methods, he understood the significance of indigenous cow dung as fertilizer and cow urine as a natural pesticide. Clive devised a strategy to disrupt these practices, aiming to enforce reliance on British imports of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, thereby asserting control over Indian farming. Despite colonial intervention, the legacy of traditional Indian farming endures.

Pasuthai’s Contribution to Sustainable Agriculture:

Pasuthai prioritizes holistic wellness by offering natural products, including cow dung-based Panchagavya fertilizers and herbal soaps. Our commitment extends to spiritual harmony with offerings like Gomutra Arka and dry cow dung cakes.


Pasuthai’s dedication to nurturing Indian agricultural heritage and promoting sustainability embodies a holistic farming approach. By adopting traditional methods, we lay the foundation for a sustainable agricultural future.


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India’s First ISO 9001:2015 Certified Naati Hasu Goshala

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Panchagavya, an organic product has the potential to play the role of promoting growth and providing immunity in plant system.


We are having an organic pesticides, prepared with Ghomutra, Neem leafs, Garlic, Green Chilly and other natural herbs. The process time for preparation is 21 days. The greenery of plants increases.



With all your blessings, guidance and support. our naturally/organically grown redgram(tur) in flowering stage now in rainfed (without DAP, Urea & any Chemicals)
Paneer from Indian cow milk, it turned out to be very good. Thankyou for conserving Indian cow’s.
Pongamia trees at the global campus, Jain University located at Jakkasandra on Kanakapura road form a part of the biofuel plantation of the university. However, these trees that are around 2 yrs old started to develop a kind of fungal infection where in the leaves start withering at a very early stage. This could have detrimental effect on the plant and the envisioned biofuel programme. So, an action was taken where in pesticides had to be employed to get rid of the menacing infections.

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We started experimenting with Pasuthai products on our garden. And we must say, we got awesome results. Cannot recommend enough

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