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Welcome to Pasuthai

When Britishers invaded India, they were astonished for two things; one is our Gurukul Education & the other one is our traditional method of Farming / Agriculture. We worship Cow next to our Mother & Motherland. Robert Clive, then the Indian British Governor did a detail research on our traditional Farming method. He planned to alter the traditional method of our Farming to favour Britishers & depend on them. In India Farm Animals particularly cattle are the backbone for Agriculture. We used Bharathiya cow’s dung as an excellent Fertilizer/ Manure & cow’s urine as a premium pesticide. Robert Clive thought, if cows are eliminated then Indian Traditional Farming method will be destroyed; if Bharathiya cows are slaughtered then Indian Farming will head to the path of devastation & thereby Indians are forced to depend on Britishers for Chemical Manure & Pesticides. Foreign Chemical Fertilizers, Manure & pesticides has made a way into India in this planned manner by Britishers.

India’s First ISO 9001:2015 Certified Naati Hasu Goshala

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Our 100% Organic and Household products


Panchagavya, an organic product has the potential to play the role of promoting growth and providing immunity in plant system.

Panchagavya Soap

We provide 100% Natural, Chemical-Free Panchagavya Soap. Suits all types of Skin, Prevents All Skin Diseases & Helps in Curing Skin Diseases.


This is produced from Cow Dung, Cow Urine, Jagerry and pulses. The number of days for preparing the same is seven days.

Dry Cow Dung Cake

We provide best cow dung cake in India. This cow dung Panchgvya Products is made from pure breed indigeniud breed of cows.


We are having an organic pesticides, prepared with Ghomutra, Neem leafs, Garlic, Green Chilly and other natural herbs. The process time for preparation is 21 days. The greenery of plants increases.

Pasuthai – Tooth Powder

Pasuthai Tooth Powder – Made in Traditional Way – ChemicalFree, using natural herbals & cow dung ashes.

Organic Jaggery

Sugarcane grown by using only cow manure for the last ten years. No chemical manure or fertilizers or pesticides used for growing.

Mos Quit Go – Organic Mosquito Repellant

We provide 100% Natural, Chemical-Free, Organic Mosquito Repellant. Naturally made Mosquito Vapouriser which repells mosquitos & other insects

NPOP Certificates



With all your blessings, guidance and support. our naturally/organically grown redgram(tur) in flowering stage now in rainfed (without DAP, Urea & any Chemicals)
Paneer from Indian cow milk, it turned out to be very good. Thankyou for conserving Indian cow’s.
Pongamia trees at the global campus, Jain University located at Jakkasandra on Kanakapura road form a part of the biofuel plantation of the university. However, these trees that are around 2 yrs old started to develop a kind of fungal infection where in the leaves start withering at a very early stage. This could have detrimental effect on the plant and the envisioned biofuel programme. So, an action was taken where in pesticides had to be employed to get rid of the menacing infections.

Awesome results

We started experimenting with Pasuthai products on our garden. And we must say, we got awesome results. Cannot recommend enough

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