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We are providing the following items for growing vegetables in Balconies, Terrace, Gardens, Farms and other places where the sunlight falls in your house etc.,

With this the vegetables required for your house hold can be cultivated and produced by you. This will be purely Organic Vegetables without any chemicals and other hazardous fertilizers.

We request to use the opportunity and grow your vegetables using Organic Products.

The seeds provided by us are:

Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, English Venda, Venda, Bendekai, Lady,s Finger Avara, Avara, Avarakayi, Broad Beans Podalankai, Padavalanga, Padavala, Snake Gourd Peerkankai, Peechinga, Heeraikai, Ridge Gourd Suraikai, Suraikka, Soreikai, Bottle Gourd Pavakai, Pavakka, Hagalkai, Bitter Gourd Kotha Avarai, Kotha Avara, Gorikayie, Cluster Beans Pooshanikai, Kumbalanga, Kumbalakai, Pumpkin Parankikai, Mathanga, Kumbalakai, Red Pumpkin Thatta payar, Payar, Alasande, Black-eyed Beans Vellari, Vellari, Southaikai, Cucumber Agathi, Agathi, Agasthi, Agathi Mullangi, Mullangi, Moolangi, Raddish Beans, Beans, Bendakalu, Baked Beans Kathiri – Voilet, Vazhuthana, Badanakai, Violet Brinjal Kathiri – Green, Vazhuthana, Badanakai, Green Brinjal Takkali, Takkali, Tomoto, Tomoto Pasala Keerai, Cheera, Palak, Spinach Mula keerai, Cheera, Harive Soppu, Amaranth Leaves Ara keerai, Cheera, Dhantinasoppu, Chinese spinach Puli keerai, Cheera, Palak, Amaranth Leaves Thandu keerai, Cheera, Palak, Amaranth Leaves Along with this we will also give one kg of manure made of Cow Dung, Five Litres of Panchagavya an organic Fertilizers and one litre of Pesticides made of Cow Urine.

Please mix the manure with the soil in the pots. Pour Water and mix three percent of Panchagavya along with the water. The percentage of Panchagavya should not exceed three percent. Depending upon the water requirement mix three percent, for example the total water requirement for the pots is 10 litres means mix three hundred ml of Panchagavya and pour the water. Apply Panchagavya to the plants once in fifteen days.

Any disease on the plants, we request you to use the Pesticides. The pesticides requirement may or may not arise. This pesticide is required to be applied only when there is some disease or any other attack on the plant or the vegetables. The pesticide has to be mixed in the ratio of 1:50 and sprayed on the plants. One Litre of Pesticides can be mixed with fifty litres of Water. The pesticide has to be sprayed on plant to cover it fully. Required mixing can be done according to the requirement of water for spraying.

The package “Home Kit” contains Organic Fertlizer Panchagavya – 5 ltrs, Organic Pesticide Agnihasra – 1 ltr, Organic Manure Ganajeevamrutha – 2 kgs and 3 varieties of Naati(Organic) seeds will be Rs 1300/-, which includes packing and forwarding charges. For distance more than 400 kilometers the cost will change. Please revert back to us.

All the above products are produced out of Desi / Indian breed of cows. The contribution of purchase made by you will help us in taking care of the day to day maintenance of the cow.

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