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Presenting Agnihastra, an organic pesticide derived from a blend of natural ingredients such as Gomutra, Neem leaves, Garlic, Green Chilli, and various herbs. This meticulously prepared formula efficiently eliminates pests, enriches soil, and promotes plant growth. Suitable for vegetables, fruits, and flowers, it’s safe for Indian cow breeds. To apply, mix 1 litre of Agnihastra with 50 litres of water and spray in the morning or evening. During summer, reduce concentration to 1.5% for best results.


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We are having an organic pesticides, prepared with Ghomutra, Neem leafs, Garlic, Green Chilly and other natural herbs. The process time for preparation is 21 days.

It removes all pests, insects and also improve the richness of the soil. The greenery of plants increases.

It can be used for vegetables, fruits, flowers and other agricultural crops.

One litre can be mixed with 50 litres of water and it can be sprayed on the crops. It has to sprayed either in early morning hours or evening hours. In summer instead of 2% the mixture can be made by mixing only 1.5%.

This pesticides is prepared only out of Indian breed of cows. 

Discover the Power of Agnihastra: Your Ultimate Natural Pesticide Pest Repellent Solution

Introduction: Uncovering our top seller Agnihastra- Natural pesticide pest control

In the eternal battle against pests, farmers and gardeners often find themselves torn between two extremes: chemical pesticides that eradicate pests but harm the environment and beneficial organisms, and natural remedies that may be less effective. However,  in the heart of nature’s weapon lies a potent solution that strikes a perfect balance between efficacy and eco-friendliness: Agnihastra.

What is Agnihastra?

Agnihastra is not just another pest repellent; it’s a holistic approach to pest management. Derived from ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, Agnihastra harnesses the power of natural ingredients to repel and control pests without causing harm to the environment, humans, or beneficial insects. The name itself, derived from Sanskrit, translates to “fire weapon,” symbolizing its potent efficacy in warding off pests.

How Does Agnihastra Work?

Targeted Pest Repulsion

Unlike traditional pesticides that indiscriminately kill all insects, including beneficial ones, Agnihastra specifically targets pests while preserving the delicate balance of ecosystems. Its unique formulation emits a scent that repels pests without causing harm to them, thereby encouraging them to seek refuge elsewhere.

Disruption of Pheromone Communication

Pests rely on pheromones to communicate and coordinate their activities. Agnihastra disrupts this communication network by releasing compounds that interfere with pest pheromones, confusing and disorienting them. As a result, pests are unable to locate food sources or breeding grounds, effectively reducing their population.

In simple words, Disruption of pheromone communication means messing up the way animals or insects talk to each other using scents. Pheromones are special chemicals that creatures release to send messages to others of the same species. These messages can be about finding food, marking territory, or attracting a mate.

Basically , When something interferes with these scents, it can cause problems. For example, pollution or pesticides might cover up the pheromones, making it hard for animals to find each other or understand the messages. This disruption can lead to confusion, difficulty in finding mates, or even affect the survival of certain species. So, when pheromone communication gets messed up, it can cause big issues for the creatures relying on it to understand each other.


Non-Toxic Formulation

One of the distinguishing features of Agnihastra is its non-toxic nature. Unlike chemical pesticides that pose serious health risks to humans and animals, Agnihastra is derived from natural ingredients, making it safe for use in gardens and farms. Its eco-friendly formulation ensures that it does not leave harmful residues in the environment, promoting sustainable pest management practices.

Benefits of Using Agnihastra

Environmentally Sustainable

By opting for Agnihastra as your pest repellent solution, you contribute to environmental sustainability through its natural Indian cow dung and urine-based formulation. Unlike chemical pesticides, Agnihastra contains no harmful chemicals that can adversely affect soil, water, or air quality. Its ingredients decompose harmlessly in the environment, minimizing the ecological footprint and promoting biodiversity and ecosystem health.

Safe for Beneficial Organisms & Long-lasting Effectiveness

Unlike chemical pesticides that destroy both pests and beneficial insects alike, Agnihastra selectively targets pests while sparing beneficial organisms such as pollinators, predators, and soil microbes. This ensures the preservation of natural ecological balance and promotes a thriving ecosystem. Agnihastra offers long-lasting protection against pests, thanks to its innovative formulation that repels pests continuously. 

Once every four days – first and second application . once in a week – subsequent application. To be applied in the morning or late evening for better results.Periodicity can be changed depending on the requirement, Agnihastra provides sustained control,  minimizing environmental disturbance.

How to Use Agnihastra Effectively

Application Methods

Agnihastra can be applied using various methods depending on the target pests and the environment. 

1 liter of Gomutra with 50 liters of water. Mixtures can be reduced to 1 – 2%  during summer and during winter 2-2.5%. NO mixing of any other chemical along with Agnihatra.

Recommended for : 

Rice, pulses , flowers , fruits , coconut bananas and other crops. All types of vegetables . perfect for home gardening as well as agricultural use 

Frequency of Application

For optimal results, apply Agnihastra regularly, especially during peak pest seasons or when pest activity is observed. While Agnihastra offers long-lasting protection, periodic reapplication may be necessary to maintain its efficacy, particularly in high-pressure pest environments.Once every four days – first and second application . once in a week – subsequent application. To be applied in the morning or late evening for better results.Periodicity can be changed depending on the requirement, Agnihastra provides sustained control,  minimizing environmental disturbance.

Here’s a step-by-step process for applying Agnihastra Organic Pesticide for optimal results:

  • First and Second Application (Once Every Four Days):
    • Dilute one liter of Agnihastra Organic Pesticide with 50 liters of water.
    • Mix thoroughly.
    • Apply the diluted solution using standard agricultural sprayers, ensuring thorough coverage of the crops.
    • Perform the first application and repeat every four days for the second application.
    • Apply it early  morning or late evening .
    • Ensure consistent coverage, especially in areas prone to pest activity.
  • Adaptation and Periodicity:
    • Monitor pest activity and crop health regularly.
    • Adjust the frequency of application based on observed pest pressure and crop response.
    • Agnihastra provides sustained control, minimizing environmental disturbance while effectively managing pests.
    • Depending on the specific requirements, you can change the periodicity of application to suit your needs.

By following this step-by-step process and adapting the application frequency as needed, you can maximize the effectiveness of Agnihastra Organic Pesticide while ensuring the health and vitality of your crops.


Safety Precautions

Although Agnihastra is safe for use around humans and pets, it’s advisable to take precautions during application. Avoid direct contact with eyes and skin, and ensure adequate ventilation when using spray formulations. Keep Agnihastra out of reach of children and pets to prevent accidental ingestion.

Conclusion: Embrace Agnihastra for Effective Pest Management

In the quest for a natural pest repellent solution that strikes the perfect balance between efficacy and eco-friendliness, look no further than Agnihastra. With its potent formulation derived from ancient wisdom and modern science, Agnihastra offers a sustainable and effective approach to pest management without compromising environmental integrity. Embrace Agnihastra today and reclaim your home and garden from pests while fostering harmony with nature.

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