Pasuthai panchagavya Results in our garden.

We are using Panchagavya and agnihastra for some time now. Since we have been using it. we have got good growth and results. We can confidently say it is a good quality product…


Pasuthai products results in Redgram

Our customer who’s a sr.software engineer in bengaluru expressed his feedback on pasuthai’s products like:

“With all your blessings, guidance and support. our naturally/organically grown redgram(tur) in flowering stage now in rainfed (without DAP, Urea & any Chemicals)”

Place – Kavalaga K Village
Redgram cultivation as shown below:

red-gram2-pasuthai-organic-1024x767    red-gram-field-pasuthai-organic-1024x767    red-gram-pasuthai-organic-1024x767    red-gram-pasuthai-panchagavya-767x1024

Pasuthai Product Results


pasuthai-panchagavya-organic2-1024x576   pasuthai-panchagavya-organic3-1024x576 pasuthai-panchagavya-organic4-1024x576   pasuthai-panchagavya-organic5-1024x576 pasuthai-panchagavya-organic6-1024x576   pasuthai-panchagavya-organic-1024x576   pasuthai-panchagavya-organic-flowers2    pasuthai-panchagavya-organic-fruits pasuthai-panchagavya-organic-fruits2   pasuthai-panchagavya-organic-tomatoes pasuthai-panchagavya-organic-vegetables   pasuthai-panchagavya-organic-vegetables5-2-1024x768  pasuthai-panchagavya-organic-vegetables6-768x1024 pasuthai-panchagavya-organic-vegetables7-768x1024   pasuthai-panchagavya-organic-vegetables8-576x1024   pasuthai-panchagavya-organic-carrots-768x1024  pasuthai-panchagavya-organic-vegetables3-768x1024   pasuthai-panchagavya-organic-flowers   pasuthai-panchagavya-organic-fruits3  pasuthai-panchagavya-organic-papaya   pasuthai-panchagavya-organic-vegetables5-768x1024

Aghihastra Product Results


agnihastra-pasuthai-results-1024x576   agnihastra-pasuthai-results2-1024x576

agnihastra-pasuthai-results4-576x1024   agnihastra-pasuthai-results3-576x1024

Our Desi Cow Milk

Check our delighted customers reaction about our desi cow milk & the paneer he made…

desi-cow-pasuthai-768x1024    pasuthai-panner-576x1024

Our Seeds & Panchagavya Results

Our Seeds Result

Mrs. Sarojini Balasubramanian

terrace-garden3-panchagavya-768x1024   terrace-garden4-panchagavya-768x1024   terrace-garden5-panchagavya-768x1024 terrace-garden6-panchagavya-768x1024   terrace-garden-panchagavya-768x1024   tes3 tes4       panchakavya-output2-768x1024    panchakavya-output3-768x1024   panchakavya-output4-768x1024    panchakavya-output5-768x1024    panchakavya-output6-768x1024    panchakavya-output7-768x1024    panchakavya-output8-768x1024   panchakavya-output9-768x1024   panchakavya-output11-1024x768 panchakavya-output13-768x1024       pasuthai-panchakavya-results2-768x1024   pasuthai-panchakavya-results3-768x1024   pasuthai-panchakavya-results4-768x1024    pasuthai-panchakavya-results5-768x1024    pasuthai-panchakavya-results-768x1024   pasuthai-panchakavya-seed-768x1024    pasuthai-panchakavya-tomato-768x1024   terrace-garden2-panchagavya-768x1024   panchakavya-output10-1024x768   terrace-garden7-panchagavya-1024x576

Avinash Narayanaswamy

Pongamia trees at the global campus, Jain University located at Jakkasandra on Kanakapura road form a part of the biofuel plantation of the university. However, these trees that are around 2 yrs old started to develop a kind of fungal infection where in the leaves start withering at a very early stage. This could have detrimental effect on the plant and the envisioned biofuel programme. So, an action was taken where in pesticides had to be employed to get rid of the menacing infections.

Malathion, a very powerful chemical pesticide was sprayed on to the plants on quite a few occasions only to find that there was not much improvement. A decision was taken to move to a bio-based pesticide. For this, 5 litres of Agnihastra bio organic pesticide was procured from Pasuthai, a company that manufactures organic pesticides, growth promoters, fertilizers and preaches the organic way of farming. Agnihastra was sprayed on to the Pongamia trees as per the instructions provided by Pasuthai and within a week or so from the time Agnihastra was sprayed; the fungal infection started to recede and continues to do so as this testimonial is being written. Also, Agnihastra proved to be much cheaper than its chemical counterpart. Thus, mankind needs to give greater focus and emphasis to organic methods of solving problems rather than depending on harmful, expensive chemical methods.


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