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Organic Farming & Havan Essentials : Pasuthai Bangalore panchagavya’s Blog on natural products. We explore traditional Indian farming practices. Rooted in culture and sustainability, Pasuthai promotes holistic wellness through natural farming and havan essentials.

 In our latest post, we delve into India’s farming history, highlighting the importance of traditional methods like cow dung fertilizers and herbal remedies. Despite colonial influence, Pasuthai remains committed to reviving indigenous practices for a brighter agricultural future.

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Join us in rediscovering traditional Indian farming practices. Let’s cultivate a sustainable future together. Visit Pasuthai Bangalore’s blog today for insights into holistic living.

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Benefits of panchagavya.

Benefits of panchagavya.

The mixture is then fermented for a period of 7 to 45 days to allow the beneficial microorganisms to multiply. The effects of Panchagavya on plants are manifold: It promotes plant growth and yield by supplying various nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and...

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India’s First ISO 9001:2015 Certified Naati Hasu Goshala

ISO Certified company


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